Parent Support

Many of us experience challenges on our journey to become the best parent we can be. Are you looking for ways to support your child’s learning, behaviour, emotional or social needs? Or perhaps you are looking for ways to strengthen your relationship with your child.

Parent consultation sessions

I offer parent support sessions to help you deal with the challenges you face as a parent.

What can you expect from a parent consultation session with me?

We can explore a range of options, for example, a single (50-minute) consultation session, to discuss your concerns. We might discuss your child’s developmental history, strengths, interests, and areas of need. Sometimes a parent will find that working through their concerns with me is enough to provide them with new ways forward, and that will be the end of my involvement.

At other times this might be the start of my work with a parent or family. A parent may want to arrange a series of sessions with specific goals in mind. Perhaps we will decide that me meeting your child will help further my understanding of the situation. We might agree to some assessments of a particular area or to me liaising with other key people in your child’s life (such as school staff) to seek more information.

Contact me to arrange an initial 50-minute parent consultation session (either online or in person). Price per session is 1,600 czk. 

Sleep care consultations

Parental well-being is an often overlooked area, and sleep is a subject that frequently comes up when parents face difficulties. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference, but sleep training can be a controversial subject. I offer sleep care consultations that are sensitive and suited to your personal philosophy and parenting style.

Contact me for further information and details of the packages available. 


Are you a group of parents with similar concerns? For example, supporting emotional regulation or resilience in your children or perhaps, as an expat, you are looking for ways to support your Third Culture Kids (TCK).

Contact me to discuss whether we can organise an event tailored to your needs